Tis’ the season, even though surfing in a Santa costume looks uncomfortable. Photo: BMF Advertising

The Inertia

Jingle bells, send us swells, make COVID go away It’s safe to say that 2020 turned out to be a lump of metaphorical coal. Between contest cancellations, Pipe Masters dreams and Olympic false-starts, beach closures, surf mag shutterings, severed contracts, surfing bans, overcrowded breaks, travel prohibitions, and mid-contest shark attacks, 2021 promises to be nothing short of a diamond in comparison. 

With the countdown to the New Year on, things are already starting to “slowly” look up. Red Bull has led the way with innovative swell-based contests. Our screens have been commandeered by creative YouTubers following in the footsteps of Jamie O’Brien’s incomparable antics and subsequent media blitz. Travel closures and contest cancellations means that, like us, the pros are able to spend more surf time with friends and family – and we might be wave sharing with our heroes at our home break. And, as we patiently await herd immunity, we can distract ourselves with the unhaltable power of  nature’s winter swells currently gracing our shores.

So before bidding this season it’s long-awaited farewell,  let’s indulge in some Christmas cheer and stir up some merriment with those we’ve missed most this year. We asked surfing personalities, they answered:

All I want for Christmas is…


Michel Bourez: Time with my family”


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Conner Coffin: “A big Pipeline tube straight into an epic dinner with loved ones.”


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Parker Coffin:A beautiful sunset with my friends and family.” 


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Chris Cote, WSL Announcer: “A Tyler Wright autographed jersey, with the Progressive flag on the sleeve. I absolutely love what Tyler is doing for inclusivity in surfing. Hopefully Santa knows someone at the WSL…”

Chris wants everyone to be kind for Christmas. Photo: YouTube

Mark Cunningham:Empty Pipe.”

Bodysurfer Mark Cunningham on Accidental Fame, Saving the Planet, and Surf Culture

Bodysurfer Mark Cunningham’s Christmas wish is more of a dream. Photo: Courtesy Mark Cunningham via Sean Davey

Kaipo Guerrero: “A COVID-free world. Especially with the latest happenings.”


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Mark Healey: “For everyone to grow a set and not let tyrants take away their freedom.”

Mark Healey Pipeline

Mark Healey, totally free at Pipeline.  Photo: @snaketales

Cliff Kapono: “Swells that don’t get blocked by Oahu or Maui.”


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Jamie O’Brien: “For the Waimea River to run.”


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Kelly Slater: “My two front teeth.”

Kelly Slater, also a master of elocution. Photo: WSL/Kelly Cestari

Kelly Slater, with teeth fully intact. Photo: Kelly Cestari/WSL

Koa Smith:A chip-shot second reefer at Pipe.”


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Timmy Reyes: For COVID to stop and the two million new surfers to go back to work.”

Timmy Reyes surfing

It’s a slalom course out there. Photo: Screenshot

Editor’s Note:  We’re wishing the happiest of Holidays to you and yours!






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