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Deep Blue \ Middle C from Fly on the Wall on Vimeo.

Sometimes you see a trailer for a film that leaves you a little confused.
“What did I just watch?” you ask yourself. “And what the hell is that film going to be about?” Generally, that’s a bad thing. In the case of Deep Blue/Middle C, however, it is a wonderful thing.

“For 10 days and 10 nights we made a studio on the beach, in the Elands Bay dustbowl,” the creators explained on their website. “From it our little community of surfers, artists, conservationists, musicians, chefs, mystics and foragers made music with our true selves. Exploring the greatest force on earth: we ate our fill from the wilderness. One of the outcomes of the 10Days&10nights project is the film Deep Blue \ Middle C. A film from an alternate reality – that is to be a surfer, living and breathing, on the west coast of South Africa.”


See more about the film HERE

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