The Inertia for Good Editor

Photo: Surfing Worldwide

The Inertia

I have no idea how many surf spots there are around the world. Hundreds, at least, and possibly even thousands of surfable waves of all shapes and sizes. I also have no idea how long it would take one person to organize the name of any and every surf spot they could find along with the details of which swell directions light them up, which precise month you’re likely to visit and score, and all that stuff we typically spend years learning firsthand about the handful of waves in our own backyard.

According to a few people from Get Wet Soon and Marmota Maps, it was a task worth taking on. They’ve created what I imagine is the most exhaustive infographic of surf spots around the world; a giant map/graph/color coded thing with more than 600 surf spots in more than 100 surfable regions around the world. It’s a pretty cool little novelty world map for surfers with wanderlust. Of course, one could dig up all this information on their own with some internet time, but letting somebody else organize it all for you is the American way.

Photo: Surfing Worldwide


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