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Surf video games are tricky territory. They can turn out well, but they often don’t – either because they’re not realistic and shunned by surfers or they’re not fun to play and shunned by everyone else. The WSL and Surflines new iPhone video game, True Surf, manages to walk that fine line creating a fairly entertaining game that’ll help you kill time on the toilet or in the elevator.

The mechanics are straightforward – swipe up and down with your left or right thumb (depending on which direction you’re going) to pump down the line, and use the other thumb to stall for the barrel.

Here’s the rub, though. To access many of the interesting features – like travel, “competing” in surf contests against friends, etc., you’ve got to pony up for a subscription that runs $2.99 per month. If you don’t, you’ll also be subject to ads that pop up between every third or fourth wave you catch, which can get pretty annoying.


As far as the actual elements of the game go, there are some pretty novel elements including watching a set roll through and selecting the wave you want to surf. And not only is every wave different, conditions for each spot will depend on the day you play. According to the creators, True Surf is designed to be as authentic to surfing as possible in a game.

“[True Surf] features the world’s best breaks, real-world conditions forecasted by Surfline, and World Surf League competitions,” explain the creators in the game trailer’s video description on YouTube. “The realistic touch-based physics enables complete control of your game character in real time, including stalling and pumping through barrels and massive turns in the pocket. Travel the world and surf real-time conditions, with dynamic and unpredictable waves.”

We’ve only just dug into this one as it launched today, but so far it’s quite fun and to be honest, I’d recommend it to friends.


True Surf is now available in the Apple App Store.


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