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The Ladies of Textured Waves Talk About the African American Surf Experience

Left to right, Danielle Black Lyons, Chelsea Woody, and Martina Duran, joined us on The Inertia Podcast Photo: Textured Waves

The Inertia

Race is one of the single biggest barriers we face as humans today. Inequality weighs on society on so many levels – from education to wealth to opportunity. The numbers don’t lie. I’m not an expert on race relations. Or how it interweaves with surfing and other outdoor pursuits.

But I care.

So I spoke to Martina Duran, Chelsea Woody, and Danielle Black Lyons on a recorded Zoom call where we discussed the movement that is Textured Waves, a collective of African American women working to get more females of color involved in surfing. The lack of color in American lineups (and the reason for that) is a complex issue, of course, and must be looked at from a number of different angles. With Martina in Hawaii, Danielle in Los Angeles, and Chelsea in Santa Cruz, we discussed the African American experience in surf and the barriers keeping women of color from playing in the sea more readily. And how TW is working to change that.

Editor’s Note: This edition of The Inertia Podcast is presented by Carve Designs, clothing designed to be as inspirational and versatile as the women who wear them. 


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