Filmmaker, Cinematographer; THE ROVE LAB

The Inertia

The secret is already out as far as surfing on the East Coast goes. No, these aren’t more photos of New-Mibia or Jersey firing (even though I could look at those all day). I live in Coastal Maine and we took an absolute beating the past week, along with countless other coastal states.

Riley did more damage than any storm I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. It flooded town squares, washed away boardwalks and destroyed property — but amidst the madness, our surf community was collectively frothing.

Before we could even come to terms with the insanity that was Riley, Quinn came on fast, dumping over a foot of heavy, wet snow and exciting the buoys before they could even calm down from Riley. I was lucky enough to link up with some super talented local surfers who were charging every day they could.

It ain’t New-Mibia, but it’s pretty damn good if you ask us.

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