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If you are a follower of Kai Lenny’s Instagram, you may have noticed something strange a few days ago. A promotional video for something called Mink Systems. It’s a strange little aftermarket add on—a series of tiny little fin-type things stuck on the trailing edge of a surfboard.

“Recently the way I have been able to step up my game to the next level is thanks to the modern hydrodynamic advancements from @minksystems,” Lenny wrote. “I have them on every board. It has helped me go faster, throw more spray and has turned my average boards magic!”

While there isn’t too much out there about Mink Systems just yet—the website appears not to be live just yet—it’s reported that “the thinking appears to be along the lines of winglets on aircraft planes and on racing cars that control laminar flow, stabilize the vehicle, and reduce drag. Whether that’s applicable to surfboards is one more mystery to throw into the mix.”

Created by Doug Silva, Kai Lenny’s coach, the Mink System is something that Lenny swears by. When asked whether they were a gimmick or real, he responded, “100% real, otherwise I wouldn’t use it.”

Lenny’s not the only one using them, either. Carissa Moore appears to have them on her boards, as well, and if the performances of Moore and Lenny are anything to go by, they might be something we’re going to see a lot of in the future.


See more from Mink Systems on Instagram.


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