The Inertia

There’s no doubt surfing gives us all a deep sense of freedom. So what can we sliders do to go the extra mile in the water on ‘Merica day?  The ones with wizard-like tailor skills make themselves into a flag, duh.

Shane Jones, Founder of Jonesea wetsuits, made himself a Stars ‘n Stripes ensemble complete with his signature “Whiskey Tango” mullet that had spectators shouting “MERICA!” from the beach. Shane birthed Jonesea wetsuits four years ago, and with 15 years total in the business has now made more than 7,000 wetsuits, including a high-fashion “suit” line for the highly revered designer Thom Browne. All Jonesea wetsuits are made with Shane’s own two hands out of a neoprene lab in Costa Mesa that’s littered with rolls of every color and pattern you can imagine.

Jones – one of the most expressive surfers you’ll ever see on a longboard – is well known for his imaginative holiday wetties, and we all sure get a kick out of it.

Note: You can find more from @jonesea on Insta here.


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