The Inertia

Surfing in the Northeast comes with its own set of challenges. It’s having to endure the brutal cold in the dead of winter to check the waves, crawling into an icy cold suit, and walking across a beach covered in two feet of snow all before you reach the water’s edge. It’s having your patience tested while you wait for the Atlantic to wake up in the summer. It’s the paradox of hoping for hurricanes because they bring waves while simultaneously praying those hurricanes won’t destroy your home.

This 20-minute, full-length film explores what it really takes to be a surfer from the East Coast, featuring surfing (and shared thoughts) from Brian Pollak, Will Skudin, Balaram Stack, Kurt Rist, Travis Beckman, Zack Dayton, Ethan Dayton, Tj Gumiela, Cliff Skudin, John Taylor Gallo, Tyler Maguire, Jack Richards, Thor Larson, Richie Bogart, and many more.



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