The Inertia

Earlier this summer, we had Irish surfer Aaron Reid over in Ericeira, Portugal, to film him surfing the breaks that have given the area status as a World Surf Reserve. Initially, it was only to be for a few days but the people we ran into, combined with a great swell period, baking hot sun and all around good vibes turned it into a month-long stay!

Over the course of the trip, he was joined by fellow Irish surfer Conor Maguire, English siblings Luis and Keisha Eyre (who live in Ericeira), local Zé Brito who lives on Foz do Lizandro surf beach (Lucky b**tard!) and Gony Zubizarreta, one of the best surfers to ever come out of Spain, in my opinion.

The whole trip happened under the watchful eye of director, photographer and all around fixer, James Skerritt.

Camera/Edit: James Skerritt
Soundtrack: James Skerritt/Paddy Mulcahy
Producers: Nicky Kelly & Niamh Smyth



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