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The Inertia

Here are a few familiar faces. Recently the world’s best longboarders gathered in Byron Bay to soak in the vibes of the Byron Bay Surf Festival, a jolly affair that by the looks of it was nothing but smiles. Master lensman Nathan Oldfield was there to document, and cut a little edit around the McTavish Trim event where every surfer rides a 10-foot-plus board trying to take a wave furthest up the beach. Competition was just this side of cutthroat from the looks of it. Just kidding.

Anyway, here’s Nathan: “This is a short film I made for my friends at McTavish Surfboards about the epic McTavish Trim held earlier this week as part of the Byron Bay Surf Festival celebrations. The whole aim of the contest is to see who can ride a wave furthest up the beach, all on surfboards over ten feet in length. Good times and long rides!”

Surfers: Victoria Vergara, Jared Mell, Brett Caller, Bryce Young, Christian ‘Wispy’ Barker, Ari Browne, Borrabora Hwang, Laure Myr, Thomas Bexon, Josh Hall, Ivy Thomas, Ray Gleave, Roisin Carolan, Hannah Magnall, Maddie Gross, Lola Mignot, Kassia Meador, Alex Knost


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