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Whales will smack you. Period. Photoshop humor courtesy of our friends at Australian Surfing Life

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Yesterday, 38-year-old surfer Bishan Rajapakse was knocked unconscious after an encounter with a whale at Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia. From his recollection, after spotting the whale (which is presumed to be a southern right), Rajapakse looked down and said: “How’s it going?”

At that very moment, the approximately 40-foot whale flicked its powerful tail and launched Dr. Rajapakse and other surfers into the air. Rajapakse hit the water, unconscious, and lay face down in the sea.

Many on the beach say that the whale seemed to be acting playfully. According to reports, it swam up to the group of surfers and stayed there like it was waiting its turn for a set wave. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and Bishan Rajapakse was taken to St. Vincent’s hospital where he is currently in stable condition. Thanks to surfers who rushed to his aid, he ultimately only suffered a headache. The tail of a whale is known to be among the strongest muscles of any animal in the world; a blow like that could’ve proven fatal.

Read the full story on The Sydney Morning Herald.


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