The Inertia

She told me, she was gonna shred. Last week was my intro to Cocoa Beach, Florida in almost perfect off shores. I walked over the sand dunes and saw the sea. A gnarly beauty and stormy paradise, my sexy little daydream. Lines were like tropical freight trains stacked on the horizon – bright blue and shinny. Racing peaks exploding masterfully creating walls, sections, shore break tubes and a slashing playground. With big eyes and smiles I messaged Lauren McLean. “It’s on, I’m here and I got my camera.”

Sand bars and winds were tricky and the white water was thick. Surfers up and down the coast were checking the possibilities. You had to find your spot and make it out. Thrills, joy, disappointment and tropical glow set the weekend vibe. It was sweet to photograph some of the local surfer girl talent and reunite with Lauren and Todd Holland on their home break. In my stormy element, I found a salty sparkle of my Florida.


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