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Editor’s Note:This feature is supported by Whistle, the smarter way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels when they’re living it up, at home, in the park, or on the run. Learn more about Whistle here.

For all the enjoyment that spending time in the ocean or outdoors brings to us as individuals, that satisfaction is magnified ten-fold in the company of a four-legged companion. Something about letting Rover pad beside you on a hike, knowing he’s happy communing with nature and getting exercise, too, enhances the experience. The same could be said, really, about most activities – they’re better with a creature that constantly reminds you of their unconditional love. Even if that requires occasionally picking up their poop.

It goes without saying that every respectable dog owner wants two things for their pups: to keep them healthy and safe. And we wouldn’t be living in the most technologically advanced period of human history if there weren’t a device that helped you do that with your smartphone. Enter the Whistle 3 GPS tracker.


The Whistle 3 is a small, waterproof rectangular device that attaches to your dog’s collar and uses AT&T cell towers to track his or her location nationwide. Download the Whistle app to any smartphone, and you can easily hone in on their current location, set custom safe places, get push notifications if your pet leaves their secure location, and track activity and trips including duration of physical activity and calories burned. The benefits of all that useful information are obvious: if you’ve ever dealt with the heartbreak of a pup being stolen or running away, tracking their location down to the square foot is the easiest way to ensure your fluffy friend will always come home. Second, activity tracking is helpful to see daily and weekly data about how much exercise your pet is getting and, if need be, adjust accordingly.

Recently, I (and my adorable mini Goldendoodle, Luna) had the opportunity to try the Whistle 3. I’ll say that Luna has predictable habits. If my wife and I are away for the day, she has free reign of our secure house – though not the backyard. And so, the likelihood of her getting out, not that she’d be inclined to anyway because she loves her bed and food, is slim. Still, the peace of mind that exists with the Whistle 3 if something were to happen is comforting.

Luna mini Goldendoodle wearing Whistle 3.

Luna looking extra photogenic on a hike in Orange County with her Whistle 3. Photo: Heyden

In our case, what I loved about the Whistle 3 was being able to nerd out over Luna’s stats. On one hand, seeing her activity levels go down when my wife and I had a busy week (we’ve also got an infant at home) reinforced the need to head to the park more often so Luna could get her wiggles out. On days when she and I went hiking, it was cool to see on a map where we went, how many calories she burned, and compare all of that to other activities – like chasing a ball back and forth for 30 minutes.

The Whistle 3 lasted about four days on a single charge, but it’s also easy to remove from the clip that attaches it to Luna’s collar for nightly charging.

I should also note that in addition to the device, to use the Whistle 3 to its fullest capacity requires a monthly subscription that pays for connectivity to the aforementioned cell towers, which equates to between $7 to $10 per month.


Out the door, the Whistle 3 will cost you $99.95 plus the cost of a subscription. Learn more here.

Dog Surfs Longboard Old Man's San Clemente

And, yes, your dog can surf with the Whistle 3. Photo: JP Van Swae/The Inertia


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