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Jamie O’Brien gets a lot of flack for his series, Who Is JOB. “Sell out!” people yell from behind their computer screens. Or this one, which is real and very, very overboard: “Fucking rich white shitcunts. No wonder ISIS exist with twats like this around.” And this one, which is also real and also very, very overboard: “Poopies is essentially a prostitute whoring himself out for the cheap thrills of others.” Those comments are about a couple of guys who are doing funny and ridiculous things in our tiny little surfing world. Sigh.

But holy shit! They’re doing stuff they like doing, traveling the world, and doing it with a crew of good friends. Oh, and they’re getting paid to do it. And you know what? More power to them.

Now, just for a second, let’s talk about Poopies. Remember back at the beginning when Poopies couldn’t actually surf? He was the guy who threw himself off things and did anything that was asked of him. But look at him now! Poopies is ripping! Oh, and he’s getting paid to do it. More power to him!


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