The Inertia

When was the last time you stood on the shore and asked yourself the question: “How am I going to have the most fun out in the ocean with the next couple of hours that I am about to spend there?”

As a father who is introducing my kids to the ocean and all that it encompasses, I find myself increasingly focusing on having as much fun as possible. And considering that time investment more closely. After all, it is the SURFING that hooked us all in the first place – long before the concept of being a “surfer” even began to creep its way into consciousness.

So in a time where crowded line-ups are growing and tempers sometime get the better of people, I encourage you to consider letting go of being “a surfer” and focus as much as you can on the SURFING. After all, fun is what it is all about.

I hope you enjoy the SURFING. Cheers. -Lockie

This is fun. It's that simple.

This is fun. It’s that simple.


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