The Inertia for Good Editor

The Inertia

Is it possible we’re all a little easier to deal with, a little less eggy with each other when floating around in knee-high, onshore crap? Is it possible we’re actually happier when the ocean isn’t puking head-high barrels over that sandbar you only get to see turn on once every few years?

“Maybe it’s just a different vibe when the waves are bad,” videographer Brad Jacobson says.

And Jacobson knows a thing or two about bad waves. Living in Manhattan Beach, his regular spot is notorious for two things: being one of the most packed lineups in Southern California on any given day and usually delivering nothing but a closed-out mess.


“They’re not gonna get the best waves of their lives so why not just have fun with it and turn lemons into lemonade?”

It’s oddly profound, isn’t it? But so very spot on. When we already expect terrible waves we enter the water just happy to get wet. Maybe we’ll pick off a corner or two and relish one turn. The bar is set pretty low in terms of getting the ride of your life, and therefore anything is a gift.

Now flip it to those days when you expect to be greeted by waves worthy of a magazine cover. You’ve been eyeing a swell for days, plotting your attack, your location, and scheming just how and when you’ll arrive when the tide’s filled in just right. All of the sudden…..shit. It looks like 50 other people had the same game plan! How did that happen? And wait a second, this overhead swell might be chest high at best. And you’d better believe three people are sharing the takeoff when those chest-high “gems” roll through.

Hate it when that happens!


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