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El Salvador is my go-to destination when I need to escape and hit the reset button. It’s where I took my first surf trip – an all-girls shoot for ESM Magazine. The waves were perfect and I remember paddling out the first day with just six other girls and wondering what the locals would think of the instant crowd. Sure enough, once they realized we could surf they were happy to share some waves.

I’ve always been met with happy and welcoming vibes in El Salvador ever since then. And I think that’s part of why I love it so much. It has a wonderful combination of pumping surf, rice and beans, and laid-back locals. The wifi is pretty spotty, which ends up being a perfect excuse to leave the laptop closed and slip into a delightful routine of surf, eat, nap, repeat…

“Wandering El Salvador” shares the moments when I’m letting go and having fun in one of my favorite surf destinations. It’s playful, it’s carefree, and I hope it simply makes you want to get out and surf.


Note: This project was made possible by Suzuki Caribbean.

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