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Mozambique isn’t typically what you think of when you see perfect, glassy, emerald barrels. But it should be. Matt Wilkinson, Dillon Perrillo, Gabriel Medina and Owen Wright, hot on the search for the planet’s best waves, star in this Rip Curl edit that’s well worth all 177 seconds of your day. After watching, you should probably put it ahead of Hawaii, Indo, and whatever else was on your surfing bucket list as this is a welcome non-clichéd destination.

What’s fun about this edit, and we mean more than just watching these guys hack, slide and boost their way through Mozambique, is muting Thee Lexington Arrows and cueing up some smooth jazz instead. Unless of course Thee Lexington Arrows are your jam. Then at least try it during Dillon Perrillo’s parts. Really suits his slick style, huh?



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