Ok, this might be kind of cool. Gabriel Medina. World's best bicycle kick.

Ok, this might be kind of cool. Gabriel Medina. World’s best bicycle kick.

The Inertia

I am a Brazilian surfer, and I do not care about the World Cup. Frankly, it annoys me.

Some might consider that criminal, but I beg to differ. It’s well known that Brazilians are crazy about soccer in pretty much the same way surfers are crazy about surfing. Maybe it’s just in our DNA. We were born to love soccer like Italians were born to love the Pope and Americans will always love burgers and hotdogs, but I just never got the bug. Let me explain.

First of all, watching soccer is boring. The matches last 90 minutes, but thanks to the usual low scores, it only takes one goal to win the game, and you can always be sure that the goal is going to happen in the very second you turn away from the TV to make a sandwich. And it can end in a tie. How could anyone be excited about a scoreboard that reads 0/0? There’s no way that the rush of running after a ball can be compared to the rush of a riding a wave, no matter its size. With soccer comes hooliganism and rioting. With surfing comes only stoke (and the occasion riot/brawl).

Also, there’s an over-fanaticism for this sport, and it affects even our surfers. So, yes, it annoys me that most Brazilian surfers are die-hard soccer fans. That Adriano de Souza and Alejo Muniz wear the emblem of their favorite teams on their boards and wetsuits. Let’s put the attention back where it belongs: on the contest at Jeffreys Bay. Let’s put the attention back in the ocean, and not on the pitch. I’m just glad it will all be over soon. It’s a good thing for Brazilian surfing (and surfers) that the World Cup only happens once every four years.


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