The Inertia

I’ve always loved photographing the ocean. There’s no better feeling than getting up in the early hours of the morning, driving to a location, and not knowing what’s going to appear in front of your eyes. I’m always welcomed with something different and unique.

As a photographer, a subject that is and always will be changing is a great thing to work with. It challenges you to create an image given the circumstance at hand. Light can change so dramatically a such a short period of time and capturing something throughout that change can result in something quite special.

Photography to me is like visual journal and a reflection of my feelings, a place for me explore, to show others my vision, and take a glimpse into my time spent there. I like to think that a photograph is a just a blank canvas. Whatever you choose to fill the canvas with creates something special for the viewer to interpret. People will always question the piece and have an opinion about it, but you never really know what the photographer was thinking when he or she fired off that shot.

I always appreciate the way people interpret my creations. There are no rules to photography — everyone has their own way of editing, shooting and seeing this world. I just wait for things that stand out and grab my attention.


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