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Making stuff is so hot right now. Building surfboards, furniture, or whatever your little head can dream up, it’s cool to DIY. Somehow, it’s become attached to the hipster movement (whatever that is), but if being a hipster means being able to grow your own food and make your shit, then being a hipster is way more hip than being someone who relies on someone else for everything. And is there a place more renowned for hipsters than the winding streets of San Francisco?

Beards, plaid, and rolled cuffs line the sidewalks. It’s like a million lumberjacks decided to get desk jobs and drink really expensive coffee. In that sea of lumberjacking keyboard smashers, there is at least one bastion of hope: The Woodshop, a place where people who can actually work with their hands actually work with their hands. Luke Bartels, Josh Duthie, Danny Hess, and Jeff Canham opened the Woodshop’s doors as a workspace and showroom for their talents. Recently, they partnered with Vissla to make a line of clothing and produced the hilarious advertisement you see above. Wooden pants are the future of fashion.


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