Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by our partners at Traveler Surf Club.

“I found surfing to be the best thing to go to to clear your head or even just get an idea, ” says John Whittington, a woodworking artist and surfer based in Los Angeles, California. John lives 20 minutes from Malibu…on a good day. Realistically, there are only a handful of good traffic days a year in L.A., so the commute is closer to an hour. That can take a toll on how often one gets to surf.

John is an avid motorcyclist and can weave his way through rush hour to get to the beach. Why? Because he doesn’t ride with his surfboard. He stores it at the beach, at a place called the Traveler Surf Club in Malibu. The club has unparalleled amenities including surfboard lockers to store boards and gear, hot showers, heated furniture, and a coastal outpost for all your surfing needs. In short, Mr. Whittington, has found the perfect answer to L.A. traffic: a motorcycle and a solid place to store his gear. 


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