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There’s just something universally soothing about watching parents who have a good relationship with their kids. Families that shred together, stay together, I guess. You get that good-vibe feeling when you’re around Colin McPhillips, no matter what the capacity, but when the world champion is around his kids, it’s such a cool thing to witness.

Kai and Dax McPhillips (and his other two children, Ezra and Steele) have become surfers without their father lording over them. He simply showed them the way of the sea–that it’s a force to be worked with, not used, that we are to build a relationship with it that goes both ways. Which is in itself a solid philosophy in general for living in this crazy world.


The morning I rode down to Trestles with the McPhillips family, the boys were psyched to be surfing. Not because the waves were great or the conditions perfect. They were stoked to be getting out in the ocean with their dad. And if you’re a father, you know that’s easily one of the best feelings in the world.

Editor’s Note: This feature was made possible by Bosch.



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