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“Lifeguards in Hawaii are like professors in a college,” says Archie Kalepa.
“They sit on that tower day in and day out. They see the tide change. They see the currents move. That comes from years of knowledge. For the normal person, they see the beauty. The lifeguards, they see the beast. Sometimes the beast is sleeping, but the beast is there, and they know that.”

Our film, Like Water produced in partnership with OluKai stars Mark Healey, Brian Keaulana, Mark Cunningham, Archie Kalepa, Brian Phillips, Kamu Davis, and many of the North Shore’s elite watermen. This year, a reversal of Senate Bill 462 made Hawaiian lifeguards legally liable for many ocean-related hazards, and their bravery deserves our attention and support.

We’re doing a sneak peek world premiere tonight at 7 PM at The Surfer Bar at Turtle Bay. If you’re on the North Shore, come join us! RSVP here.


The full film drops late December 2017.