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Patrick Shaughnessey at Maverick’s. Photo: @Shannonreporting

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The World Surf League is angling to gain control of the rights to run the big wave contest at Maverick’s. The league reportedly offered to buy the rights from Cartel Management after the bankrupt company attempted to auction off a five-year event permit.

“If the local community would like to partner with us to run an event, we’d be thrilled to do so,” said WSL spokesman Dave Prodan. “The WSL is pursuing every avenue.”

Even if the league, or another buyer, successfully secures the rights, however, it’s not clear that there’s enough time to sort out all the paperwork required to hold an event, should an XL swell materialize next winter.

Cartel’s auction was slated to take place on June 1, but failed to turn up offers at the $1 million price tag the company sought.


It isn’t known how much the league offered for the rights, though the WSL seems rather eager to add Maverick’s to its big wave schedule, which was recently scaled back to just three events. If another entity buys the rights, the league will try to acquire them, or partner with the new owner, it has said.

Cartel’s efforts to sell its event permit might be complicated by a legal objection filed by the San Mateo County Harbor District.

“The WSL’s position on the quality and viability of that event, as well as the opportunity to work with that community, has been the same since we set out with the big wave tour,” Prodan added. “We’re passionate about that spot and would love to run an event there.”


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