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Jeremy Flores is one of the world’s best barrel riders so there was no shame when Adrian Buchan lost to the Frenchman in Round 3 at the 2017 Pipeline Masters yesterday. But the WSL made one tiny error on Twitter (does anyone in action sports actually use Twitter?), double tagging Flores in announcing his win and the entity’s feed lit up like a slot machine: “.@floresjeremy eliminates @floresjeremy in #BillabongPipeMasters in Rd 3, Heat 7.”


Of course, you can’t edit Twitter, which is actually a good thing because the comments were suddenly filled with flavor, as opposed to the usual, “Go Medina,” chants ringing from the Twitosphere.

“The only one who can defeat @floresjeremy is @floresjeremy,” wrote Joshua Son. Then came the memes:

More typos please. Apparently, that’s the only time the comments become worth reading. Otherwise, it’s just defensive Brazilians hooting for their boy.

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