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Indian Ocean Swell

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The Inertia

A monumental storm is currently brewing in the Southern Indian Ocean, which is predicted to produce the largest swell of the year, thus far, for Indonesia and the West Australia. The massive swell, which will start to show later this week and into the weekend, will be one of the largest swells of the past several years for both Australia and Indonesia.

“We have seen multiple satellite passes confirming seas of 50 feet, with one pass indicating seas of just a hair under 60 feet,” says Surfline forecaster, Kevin Wallis. “Satellite-confirmed seas of 60 feet have happened only a handful of times around the globe in the last decade.” So what does that mean precisely for Indonesia and West Australia? Let’s turn to Kevin Wallis again to get the scoop:

West Australia

Very long period forerunners will be on the rise throughout the day on Thursday the 25th and will really ramp up in the afternoon. Friday looks to be the peak of the XXL swell, with deepwater/offshore swell of 20’+ at long 18-20 second period. Sunday will slowly ease.
Wind looks generally unfavorable as the swell builds on Thursday, but likely improves Friday with light SE flow. Favorable wind continues on Saturday, light+ from the ESE/SE.


Indo should be roughly a day and a half behind southwest Australia, with long period forerunners building Friday afternoon and a likely peak in swell through Saturday afternoon with exceptionally solid to locally XXL surf. Sunday will hold to very gradually fade. Conditions look generally favorable with ESE trades throughout the run of swell.

Assuming things behave according to current forecast models, the swell will bring significant swell to not only West Australia and Indonesia, but other regions, including the Maldives, Southern Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Fiji. So if you’re itching to get away and score some of the biggest surf of your life, now is the time. Book your trip. What are you waiting for?

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