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The Inertia

Yoni Surfboards is born out of Zé’s love for craftmanship and nature. From one tree, he can make twenty surfboards and for each one he sells, he plants a new tree.

It’s interesting to think that surfers–who are usually more responsible with nature– often ignore the fact that their main instrument, the surfboard, is made from a highly polluting process and highly destructive materials. The foam is made of hard polyurethane, an oil derivative that emits large quantities of carbon in manufacturing. Before we were able to make boards from foam, they were made from wood. Of course, the weight was an issue. Now, though, we have new techniques, materials and tools. There are new alternatives, particularly when talking about sustainable forestry wood.

Zé (aka Yoni) is probably one of the most authentic guys I know. He’s a genuine example of “walk the talk.” Each Yoni eco-surfboard is handcrafted in Portugal with local and sustainable materials and a minimum impact on the environment.

He lives in the countryside between the medieval village Obidos and the surf capital Peniche, trying to live in harmony with animals and plants, working based on the principles of a biodynamic agriculture in order to achieve a self-sustaining ecological entity.

With their Shape and Stay package, they give you the option to build your own wooden board under Zé’s guidance. During the course, which takes between 6 and 10 days, you can stay at their eco-lodge where they have created two separate apartments.


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