The Inertia

Here’s a scenario that was previously way too good to be true: A random stranger approaches you in the lineup and says, “That board is sick. Who shaped it?” You boastfully reply, “Ain’t it cool? Christian Fletcher shaped it for me.”

Rejoice, Christian Fletcher fans, because owning a board shaped and painted by surfing’s anti-hero is now a real-life possibility. Hallelujah!

The days of technologically incompetent pro surfers are long gone. No longer are they ill-informed upper crusters who rely too much on their innate abilities and God-given prowess to get the job done. From learning and understanding the utility in design to shaping and glassing their own weapons, more and more surfers these days are realizing the merits of being an integral part of a board’s production. At least from a performance standpoint.

Take Christian Fletcher, for example. Christian was unhappy with leaving the fate of his board’s performance at the hands of shapers who didn’t quite get what he was looking for. Shortly after, Christian linked up with Madhouse Kustomz to shape, glass, and paint a set of boards that took old school knowledge and craftsmanship and mixed it with new school technology and innovation to create some of the most bitchin’ boards you’ve ever seen.

Like his personality, Christian’s boards are loud, eccentric, and progressive. The wild features and bright colors are a reflection of his aversion to the status qui. “You can look around all you want,” said Christian. “I don’t think you’ll find a board that is constructed like these.”

So how much is it to own one of these bad boys? Well, as you can imagine, owning a board shaped, glassed, and painted by Christian Fletcher isn’t cheap. $1,500 may sound like a hefty price, but for owning a piece of history shaped by one of surfing’s most celebrated icons it’s actually quite cheap. Question is: Would you buy one?

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