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The Inertia

Moana Jones Wong has certainly established herself as a Pipeline specialist. And she’s worked her ass off to do it. She’s spent literally hours grinding in the lineup. How many times do you think she’s come back to the beach in the last five years with a goose egg of a wave count? Probably more times than you think.

But it’s all been worth it, because she’s created a knowledge base that allows her to snag waves like this in one of the most complicated lineups on Earth. Granted, this was in a contest, at the end of a heat (after the bell rang, for the record), but it’s still a good show of what the Oahu native can do now with all that ability and experience built up over time.

“The vision I had while I was in this barrel was the most insane thing my eyes have ever seen, the entire ride I was like “HOW THE F@ck ARE U EVEN ON THIS WAVE,” she wrote on Instagram. “BEST WAVE OF MY LIFE !!!!! I am in disbelief. I sat out at Pipe twice today shitting my pants. I didn’t think I was going to even catch a wave. Pipeline sent this wave straight to me. Thank you Pipeline, thank you God for this and @kala___grace for telling me GO!!!! This one’s for you uncle D. I remember you told me years ago I was gonna catch a wave like this and I didn’t believe you but today was that day and I can’t believe this.”


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