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The Inertia

When two of the most pioneering aerial specialists in the game singlehandedly pushing the progression of surfing drop an edit, you stop and you watch. And maybe, you break out a protractor and a calculator.

In their own rights, Matt Meola and Albee Layer have been at the forefront of the recent aerial renaissance. It makes sense given both hail from Maui, which remains one of the global capitals of windsurfing. The same tradewinds that make the place favorable for traversing the open ocean on a surfboard with a sail mounted in it also make it favorable for surfers hucking themselves off end sections into oblivion. In other words, the place has “good air wind.”

It’s where Albee famously landed the first backside double spin, or 720 (540?), and sent social media into a tailspin. The New York Times even weighed in.


The clip above has more full rotations to count, but it also sheds light on Matt’s second love, fishing, and Albee’s other outlet, mountain biking. You’re going to want to sit down for this one.


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