Two Playboy bunnies have just materialized the dreams of thousands of male surfers from around the world. Mermaids frolicking in the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific, surfing and drinking cocktails is pretty much the whole package. Janna Honscheid and Sylvi Bodi may be famous for being featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine, but did you know they could surf? Well they can. And pretty damn well, too. Yes, this video is easy on the eyes, but it should be revered for its originality and unique quality it brings to the world of surfing. Here we see Playboy models trying to become pro surfers in a time when we are all so used to seeing pro surfers trying to become Playboy models. Neat, right? Watch this video now, and then again just before bed time. Sweet dreams, lads.

Janna Honscheid & Sylvi Bodi Surfing



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