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The Inertia

“Winter sucked.”

“Is it summer yet?”

“…can’t wait for some solid south swells finally.”


‘All this May grey and June gloom really blows.”

There, now that we got the standard mid-spring/heading into summer in California diatribe out of the way, let’s focus on what we have here: Wedge. We like the place/wave. It’s a mutant. It’s a tiny little pocket of water that seems to be facing southeast on a coastline that’s open to the west. Think about that for a second. And all of its little side waves and water flushing back and forth, bouncing off the jetty wall makes the place look like…well it makes it look like nothing else. Technically, this is just a bunch of guys surfing shorebreak on a May morning. And because it’s The Wedge it’s still entertaining as hell.

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