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By now you’re likely well aware that Kelly Slater will not be surfing at Bells. After a Snapper no-show, the 11-time world champ officially withdrew from the second world tour stop citing a bum foot. He’s reportedly had several surgeries after a debilitating injury at J-Bay last July where, during a freesurf, he “folded his foot in half.”

“I think it best that I properly rehabilitate the injury and choose to surf wholeheartedly, not from the excitement or stress of a last-minute arrival,” he said. “It’s not very professional or responsible and it won’t allow me to be at my best potential.”

So where does an 11-time world champ go to nurse a bum foot back to health this time of year? The North Shore, apparently.


YouTuber Dans Surf Videos says he caught Kelly in action on the North Shore on Wednesday. “Kelly Slater stylishly shredding on what looks to be the 5’3” Firewire Cymatic surfboard. Shot today out on the North Shore of Oahu at Laniakea Beach. 21 March 2018,” reads the video description. We reached out to Kelly to get the scoop.

“Yesterday was my first surf without pain but it hurt last night,” Slater told The Inertia. “I could probably compete but I’m not where I want to be. I’d rather take some time, get myself in the shape I want and surfing super tuned before feeling ready. No hard date on when I’m ready.”

We must say, though, for not being 100 percent, the man is still looking spry. Maybe it’s the new board model? Here’s to hoping we see Kelly back in action come Margaret River.


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