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Admittedly, aerial surfing has never excited me much. There are a handful of people I enjoy watching rotate and fly, but for the most part it’s just never been my gig. However, if I had a translucent surfboard in my collection the odds would rapidly shift in favor of me surfing funky sideshore and punting anything I could find during sunset hours about eight days a week.

This new board made by Lucid Surf is certainly pretty unique looking, which is enough to pique some interest on its own. But the design of the foamless, hollow core surfboards is actually a product of functionality. A short video on the board designer’s website¬†works a little like a Chevy Silverado commercial, showing that it takes almost 1,300 pounds of force to break the board in two pieces. I’m not sure if this is a new standardized test for surfboard durability, but let’s just assume your standard foam custom shape’s stringer isn’t going to hold up under the wheels of a 4×4, or while dangled between two trucks attempting the modern day drawn and quartered execution of a surfboard. And¬†aside from all that, let’s focus on the important stuff; it looks cool as hell.


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