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Zeke Lau is proud of where he came from. He’s proud to be a Hawaiian. He learned to surf in the cradle of modern surfing, after all, and when he decided that was going to be a professional surfer, he threw his entire weight into it. It’s been a bit of bumpy road, however — he was a standout surfer through his teens, alongside people like John John Florence, but in 2011, when Florence qualified for the tour, he finished 115th on the QS. By 2013, he seemed to have found his stride a little, winning at the Vans World Cup at Sunset with his trademark power and finishing in the 36th spot. The next year, though, Lau fell hard, ending up outside the top 100. Since then, it’s been up and down, a career path filled with peaks and valleys navigating his place within the ranks of World Surf League surfers. But even when he’s in the deepest of valleys, Lau trudges on, putting in the work to get to the place in pro surfing that he deserves to be.

Now, he’s following the footsteps of a whole lot of his peers by starting a vlog. It’s “a raw and authentic vlog series showcasing Zeke’s life as a professional surfer; giving you guys an inside look at surfing around the world, his training & recovery, and what he does to get his adrenaline pumping.” Above, you can watch the first episode.

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