The Inertia

For most of my adulthood, I’ve had this recurring dream. The events that take place aren’t recurring but rather the world around me is a dreamland. Dreamland is a place of stark contrasts, where my favorite aspects of my favorite places are replicated and crammed up next to one other. There’s the beach, the lagoon, the city, the ski hill, the backcountry, the desert, and the farm. Every week or so I’ll find myself in Dreamland, able to choose a path on a seamless landscape of adventure and fun.

California is a lot like Dreamland. Having the opportunity to live in a city where a two-hour drive (hell, even a thirty-minute drive) can transport you to a wholly unique environment, and be able to repeat that phenomenon over and over is wildly special. For a guy with a camera and a penchant for the outdoors, it’s damn near grandiose.

My photography is meant to share my experiences in the outdoors in an honest form, with as little preparation or direction as possible. Remaining an active participant and letting the adventure guide the shot tends to leave me with a pure photo and all the great memories of being out to capture it.


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