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San Sebastian is home to some of Spain’s best surf breaks, creative artists and a wild nightlife. This spectacular European town on the Northern Coast has so much to offer, and it never hurts to get some recommendations on the best way to spend a visit. In that spirit, two brothers from San Diego, California, created a video to show you the best beaches, activities, post-surf grub…and even where to find the ladies during the evening hours.
The two passionate and witty travelers made a video entitled “24-Hours in San Sebastian,” which is now a finalist in‘s “Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List Competition.” If you submit a vote to support them, these self-proclaimed Vagabrothers could win an all-expense paid trip around the world. Six months, six continents, and $50K cash when they return…Sounds pretty epic, right? If you’re so inclined, help these surfers out by watching their video and vote.

The Vagabrothers consist of Alex and Mark Ayling, two Californian surfers currently residing in San Sebastian, Spain. They are watermen, outdoorsmen, writers, filmmakers and adventure seekers.

The "Vagabrothers" consist of two San Diego natives on one big adventure. Photo: Vagabrothers

The “Vagabrothers” are two San Diego natives on one big adventure. Photo: Vagabrothers

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