The Inertia

Earlier in the year I was stuck in a cyclone in Fiji whilst shooting the latest Rip Curl “My Bikini” range with Alana Blanchard, and we survived to tell the tale. It turns out that both Alana and her bikinis are cyclone proof.

As the most Googled surfer on the planet, most people seem to take Alana on face value, but I really like showing people that she is more than just a swimwear model. I really think that these clips do just that. She has a beautiful surfing style and is one of the most hilarious people to hang around. And she charges, proven by the fact she has just re-qualified for the World Tour.

“I’ve been on the WCT twice before in my career, and I’m excited to be back for a third campaign,” says Alana. “This time around, I definitely feel more comfortable about being a part of the Top 17 surfers in the world. I’m a bit more mature and more used to the travel, so I really like my time at contests.”


Learn more about Alana Blanchard’s collaboration with Rip Curl here.


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