The Inertia for Good Editor

The Inertia

“It has deepened my love for creation and opened my eyes to a world that surpasses all earthly understanding.” 

This is a pretty cool thing to be able to say when the “it” you’re referring to is a job. Millennials take a lot of heat nowadays as products of the participation trophy generation, but I’ve always felt we enter adulthood with a unique set of circumstances earlier generations could never relate to. It mostly boils down to a message the majority of us were given ad nauseum: “You can be anything you want.” Now, Generation X and Baby Boomers pelt us with criticism about actually trying to prove them right.

As a result, pursuing higher education is now the norm rather than the exception, most of us are lucky if we earn a comfortable wage at any point in our 20’s, and more and more people chase the fortune of being able to make some profound declaration about whatever gets them out of bed in the morning; just like the above quote from surf photographer Brent Bielmann. The self-described average “average surfer” creates work that stands out for a reason and hearing him talk about it here, you get the sense it’s all because he’s deeply connected to the fulfillment it brings.

So take a few minutes to enjoy the scenery and listen to Bielmann wax poetic about how cool his life is. Not because it’s a life porn highlight reel, but because he’s clearly enjoying every moment of it. Everybody should be lucky enough to love what they do this much.


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