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The Inertia

Alex Honnold has a very realistic take on living in a van. While the idea of it can be nice, like most things, the reality is that it’s much harder and less comfortable than living in a house.

It’s not all long, empty roads and perfect scenery and freedom–it’s also cramped quarters, a feeling of uprootedness, and tiny fridges. It’s more of a weighing the benefits type of deal–does living in a vehicle allow you to do more of what you love? For Alex, it does.

“I’ve never been particularly motivated to live in a car,” he says. “It’s more that I want to climb all the time and I want to climb in different places all the time, and living in a car is the most convenient way to be mobile like that. It’s not that I love van living, but I love climbing. The van is the most comfortable way to climb all the time.”


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