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The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on SurfNorge by Chris Churchill and Henryk Bydal.

If you want a story to tell, you sometimes have to create that story yourself. Chris Churchill is doing exactly that and makes you want to do it too:

I’m Chris Churchill. I’m 22 years old.

I tried university, pizza delivery, carpentry but have always returned to the sea — whether it was in Morocco, the north of Scotland, Cornwall, Scarborough, or my home on the North East coast. I was born and raised on the North East coast of England, and it’s also where I learned to surf. I am currently living in my Mercedes camper, or as I prefer to call it, “my apartment on wheels.”


I am dyslexic and I have always found it hard expressing things in the written word (I had help with writing this).  I find it easier to document my journeys in photos rather than in words. So combining photography with surfing just seems kind of natural.

My lifestyle has evolved and adapted around traveling in my van with the essentials: cameras and surfboards. It has taken me around the UK, down to Morocco, to Spain and up the European coast, and finally to Hoddevik, where I am now. The single-track road loops like spaghetti past rugged cliffs, hugging the bay. The Norwegian weather and the sea make it a dream to surf and shoot photos. From beautiful, golden, glassy sunsets to matte-lit days, snowy white-outs, and windblown storms, the water’s almost always clear and cold, providing the perfect setting set to shoot.



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