The Inertia

In January a friend and I took a two week road trip. We explored the Bay Area and the north central California coast – from Big Sur to Bodega Bay. It was winter. The coldest water I’ve ever paddled out to. The swell was big and messy and thoughts about sharks were constantly on my mind. I didn’t surf a ton, nor did I see Mavericks in all of its glory, but we drove along the coast and enjoyed the scenery. You can do a lot driving through the Golden State, passing through local pubs, drinking craft beers and eating fresh oysters, meeting peaceful locals, fishermen and surfers, and of course consume a lot of great Mexican food.

Since then I’ve learned about recent acts of the California Coastal Commission and the issues the people of California are raising to ensure the future protection of their coastline.  I think sharing the beauty of this place through my photos is my way of calling to the people, to join all the Californians and protect the unique coastline of this state.




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