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When we think of Portugal, places like Lisbon, Nazaré, and Peniche usually come to mind. Most people, however, are completely unaware there exists a beautiful archipelago off the coast of the Portugal that is teeming with a rolling seaside cliffs, lush forests, waterfalls, lagoons, rich culture, and, best of all, incredible and uncrowded surf. Welcome to the Azores Islands.

The Azores Islands were recently “discovered” by the low-cost airlines, and opinions are now divided whether it’s good or bad for the hidden paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s face it, we live in a global world and pretty much anything you need to know is at your finger tips at the click of a button. That is why we at Surf Around Portugal believe in genuine tourism while being respectful of the local culture and environment. We work with the already-existent tourism infrastructures, which already fulfills a certain standard and quality of carrying the tradition and culture of the country, connecting them to the visitors’ personal tastes and preferences. We aim to design a cohesive and personalized surf trip with the guidance of a local, trustworthy, and full-time surf guide.

Recently, we gathered nine travelers – from Australia, Norway, and Portugal – for an 11-day adventure to two of the nine islands—São Miguel and São Jorge. This surf trip was held through the parameters of what Surf Around Portugal considers to be the future of tourism: fostering a deeper involvement with the destination while creating an enriched experience during the trip.
This was made possible through the constant presence and friendliness of local guides who shared their knowledge.

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