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Cotopaxi, a company based out of Salt Lake City, came up with the crazy idea to send two packs in a global relay race to circumnavigate the globe. Photo: Cotopaxi

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It sounds crazy. Design what some are calling the ultimate adventure pack, then send two around the world in a relay of sorts. One on a westward bound circumnavigation of the globe, the other heading east. But that’s precisely what Cotopaxi, a benefit corporation that makes sustainably built outdoor gear, decided to do following the success of their crowdfunding campaign (exceeding their goal by almost 2000 percent) to bring their newest concept for a travel pack to life.

The concept of the relay is a simple if not impromptu one – globetrotters heading in the same direction can connect through Instagram and volunteer to bring it along with them for a stretch of their trip, then pass it along to someone traveling further east or west depending on the bag. The goal is for both bags to complete the circumnavigation in 20 days, and for now the bag heading east in the lead.

So far it’s gone across Europe: from Salt Lake City through Boston, on to Reykjavik, Iceland; then Keflavik, Iceland; to Cambridge, UK; to Oslo, Norway; to Hamburg, Germany; to Prague, Czech Republic. And the westward bound pack is currently in Quito, Ecuador. For those planning to travel through these areas soon, help carry the torch (or bag, rather) by following Cotopaxi on Instagram and letting them know where you’ll be and when.

The goal is for the packs to complete their journey around the same time their crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo wraps up next week.


These bags, designed by and for global travelers, are connecting people across the world on their mission.

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