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Editor’s Note: The following was done with the help of our good friends at Waiakea.

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A visit to Oahu is a staple for anybody who loves surfing and some might even say a rite of passage. While surfing and all the Hawaiian islands are forever intertwined, much of the sport’s history and of course modern popularity are tied to Oahu, with Waikiki to the south and the 7 Mile Miracle that is the North Shore.

Because of this, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and their partners are giving away a trip for two to the island we call “The Gathering Place.” Waiakea has created a brand focused on health and sustainability that has flourished in the last few years. They were the first beverage to use 100 percent rPET bottles — bottles that are post-recycled and require 90% less CO2 and water to manufacture — and will be launching a nano-additive later this year that gives their bottles a 98% smaller lifespan than traditional bottles, allowing it to break down in oceans and landfills (if they end up there) into a benign and simple carbon wax, while still being recyclable.

They’ve partnered with local Hawaiian brands for this campaign, such as Slowtide, The Laylow, Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours, Pow!Wow! and The Sunrise Shack to build a pretty perfect three-day Oahu itinerary.


The winner of this giveaway (and their travel buddy) will get their own private helicopter tour of the island and a FUJIFILM camera and lens kit to bring along for it all. They’ve even gone so far as to make sure you get an opportunity to take in some of the island’s most simple but necessary pleasures like a healthy breakfast at the Sunrise Shack.

Just two years ago Travis (a Waiakea Ambassador) and his brother’s Koa and Alex Smith partnered up with Koa Rothman and opened up a coffee shack on the North Shore, right across the road from Sunset Beach. They started serving coffee and locally sourced tropical papaya bowls and have since become one of the island’s most popular stops.

When you take a moment to leave the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and spend a day on the North Shore — where food trucks and roadside fruit stands are an integral part of the community and culture — it’s mornings at places like this tiny little yellow shack that stick with you. And it’s that kind of thought and attention that went into an amazing giveaway opportunity from Waiakea.


Note: You can learn more about Waiakea’s trip for two to Oahu giveaway here, as well as everything else they’ve included in this great trip, like these socks from the Sunrise Shack plus $2,000 in additional travel swag.

The iconic Hale'iwa sign on Oahu's North Shore. Welcome to paradise. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The iconic Hale’iwa sign on Oahu’s North Shore. Welcome to paradise. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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