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The Inertia

Surfers still dream of getting away from their daily lives and reconnecting with their surfing roots: relaxing to the sounds of the ocean and catching the best surf of their lives.  This may be on a solo trip, a trip with some friends, a trip with the girlfriend/wife – boyfriend/husband or increasingly a trip with the entire family.  There is nothing better than winding down the day feeling tired, sun-drenched and satisfied – surfed out, well-fed and ready for bed to dream dreams that could be reality the next day.

Sean Murphy, owner of WaterWays Surf Adventures, traveled to northern Sumatra and neighboring islands for a few weeks in October of 2012.  The first half of the trip was spent at Telo Island Lodge and the second half at Aura Surf Resort on Simeulue. These are just a few of the images taken from that trip.


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