Musician / Producer

The Inertia

I’ve loved nature ever since I was a kid. In my 33 years of life, I’ve traveled and seen many amazing places, gathering stories from the most beautiful landscapes and cultures to the worst devastations and injustices.

These experiences created an activist and environmentalist mindset that I’ve brought to my work. One of my biggest accomplishments was coordinating a crowdfunding campaign for “Belo Monte: Announcement of a War”, a movie directed by Andre D’Elia that became the first project in Brazil to reach more than a R$100.000,00 in crowdfunding. The film revealed injustices and pulled back the curtain on a controversial hydroelectric power plant.

Today I mainly work on music projects, the most recent one being with surf band named Araras Negras. We combined instrumental surf music with environmentalist messages, just as we did in our first video clip ‘Pororoca’, which tells the story of this tidal bore. The idea was to share this story from an animal’s perspective and reveal something most Brazilian people wouldn’t know.




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