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The Inertia

The origins of Australia’s most notorious surf gang are well-documented by now. That’s largely due to the success of the 2007 film narrated by Russell Crowe that reportedly broke box office records in Australia. The crew rose to prominence in the early 2000s, but have managed to stay out of the headlines in recent years. And so the timing of the video above is a little odd.

Still, the continued mainstream fascination with crews of misanthropic surfers and their issues with the law – the likes of which brought us a remake of Point Break, the TNT series Animal Kingdom, and more – evidently continues. Ignoring the at times awkward narration of this little piece, if you’re looking for a quick explanation of who the Bra Boys are, this is it. And their story is a compelling one – certainly better than anything Hollywood could whip up (see also: the success of their documentary film).



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